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Sony VPL-FW300L 7000 Lm WXGA Larger Venue Projector
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The Sony VPL-FW300L Multimedia Projector is Sony's first fixed installation business projector featuring 2K x 1K Resolution (1366 x 800) at 7000 lumens brightness.

In addition to all the power-packed features this projector offers, the unique round shape gives it a 21st century cutting-edge appearance. The optional five bayonet mounted lenses can be attached and detached with great ease. This aids the presenter when different sized screens and audiences are required.Look at what this projector offers -simple cabling,auto-flip image,power zoom, focus,and shift.Maintenance personnel can easily replace lamps and filters at the same time thanks to their easy access.

Power-wise,it consumes less than 820W of power, which is the lowest level for projectors that provide the same level of brightness with a dual-lamp system.

Not only is this projector ideal for large classrooms, but also mid-size auditoriums, board rooms, and for all types of displays across the board. The installation flexibility varies greatly as five lens options are available and the projector can be tilted freely in the vertical axis.


  • Designed for In-Room Installs: The innovative, stylish design fits easily into a wide range of decors. Thanks to the ultra quiet performance, this projector can be used in the same room as the audience without being a distraction. Integrated cable management hides cables and connector panels for a clean look.
  • Intelligent 2 Lamp Fail Safe System: This "larger venue" projector features a two lamp system which uses two low wattage lamps (275W) in an opposed layout. By using two lamps, the risk of a complete blackout due to lamp failure is essentially eliminated. Furthermore, it allows for different lamp settings including energy saving modes
  • 3LCD Projection System: Because the VPL-FH300L adopts a 3LCD projection system, projected images are bright and natural. 3LCD is a projection system using three LCD panels. This system provides high light transmission and excellent color reproduction. It also provides smooth gradients in dark areas, and even helps prevent color breakup.
  • Installation Flexibility: 5 optional lens options are available to cover almost any installation situation with throw ratios from 0.9 to 8.0:1 with no gaps. There is also a short throw fixed lens for mirrored or rear screen applications. Because of the opposed lamp layout - the projector can be tilted freely on its vertical axis.
  • Maintenance Made Easy: Lamps and filters are easily accessible and tool free lens and filter changes are possible. The electrostatic filters allow for longer periods between cleaning and replacement. Depending on lamp mode - it may be possible to run as long as 6000 hours before requiring a lamp and filter change.
  • Auto-flip Image: The VPL-FH300L can automatically turn projected images upside down thanks to a built-in angle sensor that can detect the orientation of the projector. This function is very useful for ceiling mount installations or rear projection systems.
  • Network Control and Presentation Capability: It has network capabilities for delivering presentations and performing maintenance over an IP network. A number of functions can be performed remotely via a web browser.
  • Lamp Memory Function: When exchanging the lamp of a conventional projector, operators typically have to reset the built-in timer that records the lamp usage hours. However, this is unnecessary with the VPL-FH300L because the lamp incorporates a memory that can record the lamp usage hours.
  • Multi-function Remote Commander Unit: On the right of the lens Option slot, the supplied Remote Commander unit for the VPL-FH300L is useful for both setting up the projector during installation and changing settings for a presentation. This unit has buttons for direct input selection, so users do not have to toggle through the entire range of inputs to select the desired one. With the projector ID function, each projector in a multiple-projector installation can be controlled independently from a single Remote Commander unit.
  • Monitor Output for Presenters: Projected images can be monitored by connecting a PC monitor to the VPL-FH300L projector's monitor output and placing it in the presenter's field of view. This allows the presenter to continually face the audience during the presentation for a fluid and professional delivery.
  • Direct Power On: Activating this function allows the user to skip standby mode to power on the VPL-FH300L immediately. Direct Power On is ideal for large-scale facilities such as museums, auditoriums and conference halls - with images ready for projection as soon as the circuit-breaker on the switchboard is turned on.
  • Dynamic Detail Enhancer (DDE): This unique video-enhancing technology from Sony that is incorporated in the VPL-FH300L generates high-quality images of outstanding clarity. For interlaced video sources, I/P (Interlace/Progressive) conversion is applied to the signals to project clear and sharp progressive images. When displaying film-originated sources, signals converted by 2-3/2-2 pull down are detected and each frame of the original film is accurately reproduced.
  • Security Bars: The VPL-FH300L is equipped with four security bars on their underside. A chain or wire can be connected to these security bars to help prevent the projectors from being stolen.
  • Excellent color reproduction - smooth gradients in dark areas and even helps prevent color breakup
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