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FH Video Inc.: Worldwide Exclusive Distributor of SONY CRT Projector VPH Series
Grand Opening
FH Video is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of our super deluxe cinema theater center in Shenzhen, China.You are very welcome to visit us and you will find amazing image provided by our Sony top line CRT Projector VPH-G90U which is calibrated by a specialist Mr. Roger Galvin from USA .
我們真誠邀請尊貴的閣下和您的親友莅臨本中心體驗觀賞Sony最經典三槍機 王 VPH-G90U升級版現場直播 無以倫比的1080P超自然最新原版籃光電影和電視節目.本公司很榮幸再次聘請獨步天下的美國調機專家Mr.Roger Galvin 亲臨中国調試整套系統.
Rm32f, Tower B,6009 Shennan Ave ,Shenzhen ,China

FH Video has purchased from SONY, all remaining inventory of SONY VPH CRT Projectors, including VPH-G90U, VPH-1292Q, VPH-G70Q, VPH-D50HTU and VPH-M20U. Please contact us directly with any of your questions or purchasing needs. FH Video will continue to provide our excellent service with our great prices.

We have a showroom in our company with two, VPH-G90U setup side-by-side with HDMI HD-Fury input, connected to Dish Network, and a Blu-Ray player, projected onto a Stewart 150” screen. The Sony VPH-G90U is still the best CRT projector in the market that offer 1080P Native Resolution. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our showroom in San Francisco to experience and take pleasure in the extraordinary image and picture quality of VPH-G90U. Resolution



請直接和我們聯絡有關購買等等事項,我們有講中文的職員爲您服務。 我們公司位於美國加州三藩市也就是舊金山,我們公司展覽廳有兩台VPH-G90U並列安裝,用HDMI電線直接接收電視高清訊號和播放藍光碟再加上150英吋大銀幕和世界最頂級專家調校令到G90U播映出來的1080P全高清超自然視訊效果簡直無與倫比,傲視同群,王者之風盡顯,霸王之氣十足
g90u 1292q g70 d50htu
VPHG90U-Sony 9 Inch CRT Projector VPH1292Q-Sony 9 Inch CRT Projector VPHG70Q-Sony 8 Inch CRT Projector VPHD50HTU-Sony 7 Inch CRT Projector
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