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Sony BVM-A20F1U 20" Multi-Format CRT Monitor-NTSC & PAL
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The Sony BVM-A20F1U 20 inch HD Broadcast Video Monitor builds on the success of the BVM-D series monitors, with the addition of features such as remote access via Ethernet cable. Sony's line of top quality professional phosphor monitors represents the pinnacle of CRT technology, giving the user infinite scalability with the acclaimed modular input design; users can insert optional input boards for maximum customization. Dedicated to increasing ease of use, Sony has revised the line of input boards to stream-line setup.

Images are displayed with staggering clarity at the highest picture quality. Faithful color reproduction is ensured by accurate white phosphor chromaticity, white uniformity, and color temperature. With critical monitoring situations in mind, the BVM-A20F1U is an ideal solution for professional studios.


  • Ethernet-Based Remote Control: Equipped with Ethernet ports, the BVM-A20F1U can be configured remotely through a standard Ethernet connection. Control up to 32 monitors simultaneously with a basic intranet connection.
  • Modular Slot Design: The BVM-A20F1U uses a modular slot design so inputs can be configured according to user need. Three input board slots are included and three different optional input boards are available. The optional input boards can be installed in any combination on any slot. This level of scalability makes the BVM-A20F1U unlike any other monitor in its class.
  • Multi-Format Support: The BVM-A20F1U can display virtually any format, whether standard or high definition; the monitor will display images with perfect clarity. Since there is no signal conversion necessary, formats appear in native resolution regardless of format.
  • Accurate Color Reproduction: The monitor is built to provide professionals with the absolute highest accuracy in color reproduction. Internal beam current feedback maintains an extremely consistent image over long periods of time. This can be very useful during long editing sessions.
  • Dual-Link SDI Capable: The monitor offers dual-link HD-SDI capability, coupled with the optional BKM-62HS input card, meeting the SMPTE 327M standard. Using two HD-SDI connectors in a pair, the BVM-A20F1U allows a variety of high definition signals at uncompressed 4:4:4 chroma resolution and can be accepted in both GBR and Y/PB/PR signal formats.
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