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Sony DNW-9WS 2/3 Inch 16:9 Betacam SX Camcorder
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The Sony DNW-9WS makes it easy and cost effective to bridge the transition from the 4:3 world to the growing world of 16:9. Equipped with 2/3 inch CCDs, it incorporates 10-bit / 36 MHz signal processing and the superb picture quality of Betacam SX digital recording format. Highly mobile in the field with an operating weight of less than 14 lbs., the DNW-9WS is shorter in length with a lower center of gravity than a 1/2" CCD analog camera. It also has an integrated slot for a wireless receiver, a Power Tap connector to power on-camera lights, set-up card efficiency for operator preferences and video parameters and an internal system for generating an edit decision list.

Native Widescreen CCDs
The DNW-9WS is equipped with 3 2/3" 16:9 ratio CCDs that contain 520,000 pixels each. Their interline transfer design assures low noise with 63dB headroom, amazing low light and bright light image capture, and superior color and contrast quality in both widescreen and standard 4:3 ratios.
Beta SX Recording Format
Beta SX is one of a long line of ubiquitous 1/2" professional tape formats that has long been Sony's hallmark. SX records using 8-bit analog to digital conversion, MPEG-2 @ ML compression bundling, and 4:2:2 component color sampling. The result is long tape lengths (62 minutes maximum), up to 4 channels of uncompressed digital audio, and broadcast video quality to take you from studio production to ENG, to event video acquisition all the way to independent digital film production.
TruEye Process
One function of the sophisticated Digital Signal Processor is the TruEye system. TruEye processes brightness, hue, and saturation data for much the same results as your own eyes produce. Scenes achieve wider dynamic range with very little distortion. Reproducing natural looking skin tone detail and controlling bright or dark conditions within a whole scene are what the processor does most effectively.
Dyna-Latitude Contrast Processing
A sub-feature of the TruEye processing is Dyna-Latitude. By managing the contrast of each pixel compared with those around it, the DNW-9WS more efficiently utilizes the dynamic range of the video signal. DynaLatitude processing brings film-like contrast management to video shooters. Dynamic Contrast Control (DCC) lets the shooter achieve low light or bright light detail.
Comprehensive Menu Control and Set-up Card Efficiency
Set-up parameters are well organized in a 2 layer menu system. User menus allow access to only the standard setup functions needed by operators. The engineer menu allows access to all the camcorder setup functions. Menu pages are visible in the viewfinder and may also be displayed on a monitor.

Set-up cards allow you to store all the set-up parameters for one camera or one operator. Each operator may store his /her own functional preferences and carry them to different cameras. Also, different shooting situations may require changing set-ups. Set-up cards offer complex changes quickly, even in the field.

Widescreen Color Viewfinder Available
The DNW-9WS comes standard with a 2" black and white viewfinder, the BVF-V20W, which make focusing easy even in 16:9 mode. There is an optional 1.35" color viewfinder, the BVF-VC10W that allows color playback through the viewfinder without using an external adapter. When shooting with the BVF-VC10W, objects are more clearly identifiable by their color.
Three Optional Camera Adapters for Extended Digital Functionality
The CA-701 adapter gives the operator of the DNW-9WS full serial digital output. Additionally, you will be getting 4 channels of uncompressed digital audio as well. Another adapter, the CA-702 gives SDI plus 26-pin connectivity to external VTRs. Lastly, the CA-755 allows the connection of the DNW-9WS to camera control units like CCU-D50 to give full remote picture look adjustments, perfect for studio productions.
Genlock for Multiple Camera Synchronization
Noticeably absent from lesser equipment, the DNW-9WS camcorder has a BNC connector for Genlock. Feeding the camera system a reference signal assures that multiple cameras will remain synchronized, especially helpful in live switching situations. The connector can also be used to return program / preview video to the viewfinder.
Clear Scan Matching for Clear Recording of Monitor Displays
Stop monitor roll and flicker during your industrial video productions with the DNW-7's Clear Scan feature. With a highly tunable electronic shutter, the camera will forever make monitors sharp and clear with 260 steps between 60 Hz and 7000 Hz.
Power Tap Connector for Powering On-Camera Lights
Many professional camera lights now have the optional connector called Power Tap. This 2 pin connector is built into the camcorder for convenience in ENG applications. In addition to sending power to the light, the Power Tap also lets the camera record button trigger the light on and off if selected.
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