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Sony WRT-867A 68X Handheld UHF PLL-Synthesized Transmitter
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The Sony WRT-867A (68) is a high-quality hand-held dynamic microphone transmitter that operates in the 800 MHz UHF band range, and is compatible with Sony's 800 series receivers. It incorporates a PLL synthesized design with 94 user-selectable, UHF frequencies of interference-free operation. Complete multiple channel operation is possible. Additional features include, space diversity reception and back-lit LCD indicators Reliable and sophisticated circuit technology assure low noise, wide dynamic range, and extremely stable signal transmission and reception.


  • Long Battery Life: 5 hours of continuous operation with a single AA battery.
  • Lightweight Construction: Smoothly tapered body with compact, lightweight, all metal design.
  • UHF Operation: 800 MHz UHF Band Operation, Unlike the heavily used VHF band, the area around 800 MHz in the UHF band is underused.
  • PLL Synthesized Tuning: A PLL (Phase Locked Loop) synthesized system controls the transmission and reception frequencies of the system. It assures stability and easy access to multiple channel frequencies. Equipped with a PLL synthesized control system, Sony's UHF Synthesized system provides up to 94 selectable frequencies.
  • Memory Backup: Each unit has a convenient memory backup capability. When the Power switch is turned on, the previous channel setting is automatically recalled and displayed.
  • Wireless channels are conveniently preset in each tuner for use in a multichannel operation at one location. The UHF Synthesized System employs 6 channel plans with up to 19 channels for simultaneous use. The use of preset channels instead of random selection of channels prevents interference such as beat noise in multichannel operation and guarantees better unit isolation.
  • Pristine Audio Fidelity: To ensure accurate audio reproduction, the UHF Synthesized System is equipped with tone squelch circuitry control. Here's how it works: the transmitters broadcasts audio signals together with a 32 KHz tone signal. Only after receiving the tone signals will the receivers reproduce the audio signals for output. This function eliminates external noise and other unwanted signals.
  • LCD Display: All of the transmitters and receivers have built-in LCD displays. They provide extensive information on group, battery status, AF level, etc. Employing a back light, these indicators can be seen even in low-light situations.
  • Compander Circuit: The UHF Synthesized System employs a Compander (Compressor/Expander) system for optimum transmission over a wide dynamic range with low noise and interference.
  • Locking On/Off Switch: Prevents accidental misuse.
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