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Canon YH-16x7KRS 16x 1/2" Professional Video Lens for Sony Camcorder
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The Canon YH16x7KRS is a high quality 16x zoom lens for professional 1/2" CCD video cameras. This lens offers internal focusing and shuttle-shot programmable lens positioning. This model is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of professional applications. The focal-length range is 7 to 112mm with a minimum object distance of 1 meter, or about 3.3 feet.

Key Features
Internal Focus for Ultimate Versatility The Canon YH16x7KRS is made for the highest quality professional video cameras used in news and event videography. The front lens element is stationary and can be used with a matte box for greater lens flair protection as well as a wide array of square and rectangular filters.
Shuttle-Shot Technology The lens has added capability when zooming, using the shuttle shot switch. At the touch of a button the lens can move to a pre-programmed point, going back and forth. This can be used both creatively while providing a no hassle way of verifying focus.
Improved Image Quality The lens element design greatly reduces aberrations and image distortions. These advances contribute to more balanced imaging from center to edge throughout the aperture range.
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