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Sony DSR-400L 2/3-Inch 3-CCD Professional DVCAM Camcorder Kit
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The Sony DSR-400L is a professional camcorder that pushes the envelope for high quality images in a small and efficient shoulder-mount design. It captures high resolution video in low light or bright light with the advanced 3 x 2/3-inch POWER HAD EX chip set. This configuration includes the standard black and white viewfinder and the tripod adapter plate.


  • Viewfinder and LCD Monitor: Worlds collide now that the DSR-400L has both an LCD screen and a conventional 1.5-inch black and white ENG style viewfinder. The black and white viewfinder makes critical focus easier and faster. In addition, the viewfinder has a small light just to illuminate the focus and iris ring on the lens. This feature can be switched off. The tally light viewable in the viewfinder is also switchable from high to low and to off. The 2.5-inch LCD panel allows the operator to view the scene in color without a sweaty eye on the viewfinder.
  • Memory Scene Files: The DSR-400L has a slot for accepting Memory Stick data storage medium. The settings of the camcorder including the menu system can be stored and shared with other camcorders thus matching picture looks and functions. The data can also be transmitted via network or even E-mail. Service and software updates can be facilitated in this manner as well.
  • Full DSP Functions: The DSR-400 has an advanced DSP for the most stable and precise images possible. The digital signal processor allows the user to customize picture looks for specific shooting requirements. The TruEye feature keeps contrast levels looking natural even in extreme lighting conditions. Skin Tone Detail can check color and contrast in three parameters for special shooting requirements. The Black Stretch/Compress feature lets the user dial in special high or low contrast looks.
  • Video Light Connector: The camera can output DC power via 2-pin PowerTap connector to a like equipped video light. It can power a small on-camera light with a bulb up to 50 watts. A switchable function can turn the light on when the camera goes into record mode or the light can be used in a completely manual fashion.
DSR Camcorder & VTR
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