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Sony BVM-L230 23-Inch Full HD LCD Master Monitor
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The Sony BVM-L230 is a professional 23" monitor built specifically for high-end finishing studios. Developed using 12-bit output and a 10-bit driver, the panel surpasses its competition by leaps and bounds. Using highly efficient LEDs increase precision across the board, resulting in the broadest color gamut in the industry.


  • Trimaster Technology: Trimaster technology provides a level of performance capable of handling even the most critical applications. Whether it's digital finishing for major motion pictures or simply needing the utmost in image clarity, the display passes with flying colors; no pun intended.
  • Small Footprint: With a feature-set previously only afforded to the Sony's line of professional CRT monitors, the LCD workstations need not worry, the BVM-L230 has it all covered.
  • Ultra-wide Color Gamut: The precision backlight LEDs used exclusively in the BVM-L230 offer the widest range of colors seen on any LCD panel, resulting in broadcast safe images akin to those seen on high quality CRT monitors. Additionally, the color feedback system makes sure colors always stay true and accurate.
  • Optional Interface Slots: The BVM-L230 is built for maximum customization. Featuring four optional input slots, the monitor can accommodate the specific needs of virtually any studio. Choose from SDI, HD-SDI, RGB, Component or Y/C.
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