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Sony DSR-1800AP DVCAM Master Series Digital Videocassette Recorder w/i.LINK interface - PAL
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The Sony DSR-1800AP is a PAL System DVCAM studio edit deck that also plays back consumer DV cassettes. This is a full-featured deck ready for any edit environment, even old-school linear, tape to tape edit suites. It can take analog inputs and output to digital tape or take a digital source and output an analog signal. It also sports Dynamic Motion Control for the ability to stretch or compress real time images to your insert editing needs. As an added bonus, the machine will even play all DVCPRO tape sizes including medium size.


  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio Capability: When the deck receives a wide aspect ID signal, the DSR-1800P will record and playback 16:9 aspect pictures captured with cameras like the DXC-D35WSP, DXC-D50WSP, DSR-570WSP, and the DSR-PDX10P.
  • DVCAM / DV / DVCPRO Playback: Take any DV based format-recorded tape (DV, DVCPRO, and DVCAM), any tape size (including medium DVCPRO) and the DSR-1800P will play it back. (DV in SP mode only)
  • 4 Channels of Audio: Audio edit and control features like Mix, Swap, and Fade takes full advantage of the DSR-1800 4 channels of audio. In addition, the 4 audio channels can be edited independently.
  • Dynamic Motion Control: DMC feature allows variable speed playback for special effects or creative problem solving. These speed variations and their start and end points are stored for later playback. Use this feature with all the DV based formats including DVCPRO.
  • TBC Adjustments with the Ubiquitous UVR-60: Picture look and video set-up adjustments can be made with the UVR-60 TBC remote through the 15-pin connector on the back of the machine.
  • Video Process Control: The DSR-1800P has Video Process Control feature which enables greater control over analog and digital outputs. The various thresholds of this feature can be changed via the UVR-6O.
  • Machine Control Protocols for Linear Edits: Frame accurate linear editing can be achieved with the RS-422 port and various equipment such as the RM-450 edit controller. Additionally, the deck will work with Firewire digital control with the optional DSBK-1803 board.
  • Channel Condition Monitoring: The DSR-1800P has a three-color channel condition indicator, with each color representing a particular error rate threshold level. This feature enable operators to quickly identify conditions of the deck and the tape.
  • Bars and Tone Signal Generator: Equipped with a built-in signal generator, the DSR-1800P can generate color bars or black burst video, with or without 1kHz tone.
  • Flexible Input Signal Selection: The DSR-1800P allows flexible combinations of video and audio signals to be input. It is possible to select the digital interface for video with the analog interface for audio.
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