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Sony DSR-1500A DVCAM Half-Rack Studio Editing Player/Recorder
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The DSR-1500A incorporates the same innovative, high standard technology featured in the DSR-2000 into a compact, half-rack width design. The space-saving size makes the DSR-1500 ideal for such installations as in OB vehicles and with desktop editing systems. A key feature of the DSR-1500 is its recording and playback compatibility of consumer DV (SP mode only) in addition to DVCAM as well as playback capability of DVCPRO 25 Mbps recordings, and its ability to automatically accommodate all standardized cassette sizes without the need for an adapter or changing menu settings. The DSR-1500A comes equipped with a 6-pin i.LINK IEEE 1394 DV I/O connection allowing it to be immediately integrated into non-linear systems with connection compatibility. By configuring the DSR-1500A from either or both of its optional interface boards, it can be equipped to meet a broad range of professional user requirements. There are two optional interface boards available for the DSR-1500. The DSBK-1501 combination SDI/SDTI/AES/EBU interface option board ensures a migration path to and from Digital Betacam, MPEG IMX, Betacam SX and other digital video systems. The DSBK-1504 analog input interface board which includes component, composite and audio connections provide the bridge to existing analog based systems and equipment, and also allows the analog information to be transferred E to E via the standard i.LINK DV I/O connection.


  • DVCAM and DV Format Recording Capable
  • PCM Digital Audio
  • Playback Compatibility with DV (25 Mbps) Formats (DVCAM, DV, DVCPRO)
  • Triple-positioning Cassette Compartment
  • Compact Half-Rack Size
  • i.LINK IEEE 1394 Connection Standard
  • Digital Slow Motion and Jog Sound
  • Frame Accurate Editing
  • Audio Level Control
  • Full Range of Standard Analog Outputs
  • VITC Time Code
  • Built-in Signal Generator
  • Closed Caption
  • Control S Interface
  • Universal AC Powering System
  • Auto Repeat Function
  • RS-422A
DSR Camcorder & VTR
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